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PA Workers Comp Safety: News Reporters


News reporters lead a stressful life. They must be ready at a moment’s notice to travel to fires, crime scenes, car crashes, and other scenarios of that nature. Not only can this lifestyle cause a lot of mental strain, but it can also lead to serious injuries.


While rushing to make it to an ongoing news story, a news crew may get into a car accident, or may trip going to and from the vehicle while carrying recording equipment.  Furthermore, fire and crime scenes can be dangerous for a number of obvious reasons, including crowds and onlookers that may get in the way. Also, car crashes often require reporters to broadcast alongside busy highways, which poses many injury risks.


However, the potential injuries news reporters face are not only physical. News reporters are also at risk for mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. The stress of constantly being on call and having your work bleed into your personal and social life can be difficult to deal with. Furthermore, news reporters often become “local celebrities”, and are often recognized and harassed in public, making it even more difficult to separate the work life from the personal life. Anyone who experiences mental-health issues as a result of anything related to their career should seek help immediately.


If you are a news reporter that suffers from a work-related injury or illness, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers compensation benefits. Do not miss out on what you are entitled to. If you live in the Harrisburg, Williamsport, or Lewistown area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message.



PA Workers Comp Safety: Carpal Tunnel and Data Entry

Those in Pennsylvania that work data entry jobs (or any other type of job that requires a lot of typing) work in generally safe environments. However, this does not mean they are guaranteed to be free from harm.
Those that spend most of their day typing are at serious risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a wrist injury that usually occurs from repetitive motion. Symptoms include pain, numbness, and/or tingling in the thumb, pointer, middle, and ring finger. Women are three times more likely than men to develop this condition, and those with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are at a higher risk as well.
Fortunately, there are some steps data entry workers can take to lower their chances of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s good practice to get up from your desk and stretch every 20-60 minutes. You should also make sure that you are using proper ergonomics. The height of your chair should put your forearms level with the keyboard to prevent any straining. You can also consider using an ergonomic keyboard as well as a cushioned mouse pad.
It’s also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the office. Health problems such a diabetes and arthritis as well as bad habits such as smoking and eating unhealthy foods can increase your risk for carpal tunnel. Exercise, get plenty of rest, and try to eat a balanced diet.
If you suffer from work-related carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. If you live in Harrisburg, Lancaster, or Chambersburg and think you may be entitled to benefits, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 send us a message.
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PA Workers Comp Safety: Construction and Building Inspectors

Construction and building inspectors work around heavy equipment and machinery all the time. Despite the fact that they may not be doing any actual labor, they are still at risk for a number of serious injuries. Below are a few tips inspectors can use to remain safe on the job.
Wear Proper Safety Equipment
Steel toed boots, hard hats, goggles, gloves, etc. are a must when it comes to work sites that involve lots of equipment and heavy machinery.
Know The Tools and the Worksite
Despite the fact that you may not be spending the entire day on the worksite, it's important for you to understand the layout of the facility as well as how to use each of the tools the workers are responsible for using.
Be Alert
It's essential that you arrive at the jobsite well-rested and fully alert. Get plent of rest the night before and give the job your full attention. Be on the lookout for clutter, loose wires, falling objects, and wet floors. All of these problems can lead to serious injuries.
If you are a construction or building inspector and have been injured on the job, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow for a FREE consultation. If you live in the Harrisburg, Gettysburg, or Scranton area, give us a call at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message online. Do not miss out on the benefits you are entitled to!

PA Workers Comp Safety: Rain

Spring has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. And that means that for the next few months, it's going to be wet outside. Below are a few safety tips you and your coworkers can use if you are required to work outside in rainy conditions.
Wear The Right Clothing
Wear clothing that will keep you dry. If you know you will be working in the rain, wear water-proof, non-slip boots. This will prevent both wet feet and falling. You should also wear water-proof gloves and a rain jacket. Wear colors that will make you visible (especially if you are working along the road) and use anti-fog spray if you are required to wear goggles.
DO NOT Work with Electricity
If your task involves any wires or working with electric tools, save it for another day. Working with electricity in the rain is a bad idea and can lead to electricution.
Be Cautious
A rainy sky means a wet ground. In wet conditions, workers are at risk for running into damp soil or slipping on a wet surface. If it's raining, move slowly and watch your step. Keep your eyes open for wet surfaces and soft ground. Avoid. If you are required to use a ladder or scaffold, do so with extreme caution.
If you have been injured on the job and live in the Harrisburg, State College, or Pottsville areas, contacts PaWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 for a free consultation. Do not miss out on the benefits you are entitled to. 

PA Workers Comp Benefits: What Business Owners Need to Know

In Pennsylvania, it’s important for business owners to understand that it is their responsibility to provide a safe work environment and to also cover the medical costs of all injured workers. Below is some information business owners need to know regarding Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. 
Fault Doesn’t Matter
Many employers will try to get out of paying workers’ compensation benefits by claiming that the injury was not their fault. However, fault is not a factor when it comes to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. If an employee is injured on the job, it is the employer’s responsibility to cover the costs of the injury.  
It’s the Employer’s Responsibility to Properly Train all Employees
Untrained workers are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the job. It’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure that all workers are thoroughly trained on all tasks, equipment, and safety procedures.  It’s also a good idea to have instructions and manuals readily available at all times that employees can access if they have any questions. 
You Cannot Fire or Mistreat an Employee for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim
In Pennsylvania, it is every injured workers’ right to file a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. If the claim is rejected, they are also allowed to hire an attorney and dispute this claim. It is not okay to fire, lay off, reduce the hours of, or mistreat any employee just because he or she has filed a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. 
If you have been injured on the job in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits EVEN if your employer has rejected your claim. Do not miss out on what you are entitled to. If you live in the Allentown, Bethlehem, or Reading area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message.
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PA Workers Comp Safety: Elevator Repair

Elevator repair is a job that requires serious patience and skill. And, since elevator repair workers are working on large machinery from heights, they can be at serious risk for injury if they do not take the proper precautions. Below are a few safety tips elevator repair workers can use to remain safe on the job. 
Wear Safety Equipment
Elevator repair often requires workers to work from heights. In these conditions, it’s important to wear hard hats, non-slip boots, and (when appropriate) a harness. All equipment should be thoroughly inspected and up-to-code. 
Follow Proper Electrical Procedures
Working on an elevator will usually require some kind of electrical work. When working with electricity, it’s important to follow proper electricity procedures. This includes knowing which wires do what, how to use all controls, and understanding whether or not the power needs to be shut down before maintenance is started. 
Below are some of the injures most often associated with elevator repair:
Shock: Working with elevators often includes wiring, which puts workers at risk for electric shock. 
Back Injuries: The job often involves heavy lifting, which can lead to back injuries if proper ergonomics are not used. 
Falls From Heights: Elevator repair often calls for workers to work from ladders, harnesses, and scaffolds. This puts workers at serious risk for falling from heights. 
If you work in the elevator repair field and have been injured on the job in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Do not miss out on what you are entitled to. If you live in the Harrisburg, York, or Lancaster area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message.
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PA Workers Comp Safety: Bricklaying

Bricklayers are among some of the hardest working individuals in Pennsyvalnia. And through the combination of heavy lifting, working in the heat, crouching, and bending over, it should come as no surprise that bricklayers are not strangers to work-related injuries. Below are some of the most common injuries associated with bricklaying in Pennsylvania.
Back Injuries
Bricklayers spend a lot of time lifting heavy objects, crouching, and bending over. Because of this, it is very common for bricklayers to suffer from back injuries. To remain safe on the job, it’s important for bricklayers to lift using proper technique, ask for help when lifting anything that is too heavy for one person.
Bricklayers typically work on construction sites where there are lots of heavy objects. Because of this, it’s important to wear a properly fitting hard hat in case something falls or in case of trips and slips. When working from heights, bricklayers should use ladders and scaffolds that are in good condition and should concentrate fully on the task at hand, as falling from heights can not only lead to serious head injuries, but can also be fatal. 
Heat-Related Illnesses
Since most bricklaying is done in the summer, bricklayers are often at risk for heat-related illnesses. These include heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat rash. To avoid these, it’s important to remain hydrated, take plenty of breaks, and wear appropriate clothing. The Center for Disease Control says that those working in the heat should drink one cup of water every 15-20 minutes. Clothing should be breathable and light. If a job requires heavy safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, or other heavy clothing items, it should be saved for a day where the temperatures aren’t too high.
If you are a bricklayer working in Pennsylvania and have suffered from a work-related injury, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Do not miss out on what you are entitled to. If you live in the Harrisburg, Scranton, or Pottsville area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 or send us a message.
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PA Workers Comp: Dealing With Hazwaste

Pennsylvania workers that deal with hazwaste are at risk for many serious injuries. These include chemical burns, respiratory issues, poisoning, and many others. Some industries that work with hazwaste on a regular basis include power plants, hydrofracking, healthcare, and construction. Below are a few safety tips you and your coworkers can follow to guarantee that your hazwaste is handled properly and that no hazwasted related injuries take place.   
Store Hazwaste Properly
Every form of hazwaste has different rules for storage. It’s important that you use the right container and label for whatever hazwaste you are storing. It’s also very important that you understand the amount of time you are allowed to store each form of waste as well as how much of it is safe to store on your job site. Every chemical has its own set of rules regarding how much of it can be stored and how long it can stay put. 
Wear Proper Safety Equipment
When handling hazwaste, it’s important that all proper safety equipment is utilized. This includes gloves, goggles, respiratory protection, and anything else that will protect you from coming in contact with hazardous material. 
Plan for Emergencies
If an emergency does occur, it’s important that you have a plan in place. Know which person is assigned to which specific task (for example clean up, calling 911, tending to injuries, etc.) and also have an evacuation strategy ready in case there is a need to exit the building. This plan should be thoroughly understood by ALL employees. It should be reviewed at least annually, and detailed instructions of this plan should be readily available to all employees at all times. 
If you live in Pennsylvania and have suffered from a work-related injury related to working with hazwaste, contact a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney immediately. If you live in the Harrisburg, State College, or Wilkes-Barre area, call (717) 234-2402 or send us a message to receive a free consultation.     
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PA Workers Comp: Factories


Despite the fact that many factory jobs have been taken outside of the United States, this list of the companies based in Harrisburg shows that there are still plenty of factory jobs in the area.


Since factory workers often deal with large machinery and are required to do physical labor, there are many safety precautions that must be taken in order to make sure everyone remains safe on the job.


Use Proper Safety Equipment


It’s important for all proper safety equipment to be used. This includes (depending on the type of factory) hard hats, no-slip steel-toed boots, ear protection, and eye protection. Utilizing the proper safety gear will help protect workers from head injuries, falls, hearing loss, and eye injuries.  


Maintain Equipment


It’s important to regularly make sure that all equipment is in good, safe, working condition. All machines should be regularly maintained and oiled, and all worn out parts and tools should be replaced immediately.


Have a Safety Manual with Clearly Enforced Rules


A manual that outlines the rules and how to safely use all job-related equipment is a great resource. Each employee can be given a copy of the manual and a company copy should be made available on the work site at all times. All employees should be thoroughly trained on all safety procedures as well as how to properly use the equipment they are required to work with.


If you work in a factory and have received a work-related injury, you may be entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. If you live in the Harrisburg, Bethlehem, or Reading area, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow for a free consultation. Do not miss out on the benefits you are entitled to. Call (717) 234-2402 or send us a message.



PA Workers Comp: Scars and Disfigurement

In terms of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, injuries that involve scars and disfigurement to the head, neck or face are often unique. 
Under the PA. Workers' Compensation Act Section (c) (22) , an injured worker in Pennsylvania is entitled to benefits " For serious and permanent disfigurement of the head, neck or face , of such a character as to produce an unsightly appearance, and such as is not usually incident to the employment , sixty-six and two thirds per centum of wages not to exceed two hundred seventy-five weeks."
These scarring injuries sometimes leave workers physically capable of performing their job, which will often make them think they are not entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. However, injuries such as these often lead to pain and suffering that is not necessarily physical. 
Injuries that cause scars or disfigurement can often damage a person’s self esteem, which can lead to serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Issues such as these are absolutely covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this, and it is typically not a piece of information an employer will voluntarily share with a scarred or disfigured worker. 
Common injuries that can lead to scars and disfigurement include : 
In order to receive PA workers’ comp benefits for scars and disfigurement, the injured person must prove that the injuries were work related. The best way to do this is to contact a certified Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney. A competent legal representative will be able to answer all of your questions and let you know whether or not you have a case.  
If you live in the Harrisburg, State College, or Wilkes-Barre area and suffer from disfigurement or scars from a work-related injury, contact PAWorkersCompHelpNow at (717) 234-2402 for a FREE consultation. 
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